Monday, December 26, 2005


Christmas is tapering off into a state of digesting, resting, and joking. Today I had a wonderful time just relaxing with my family in olalla. My friends brad and eric just left and I think that we will actually be meeting up later tonight at a friend's house for some partying. Adam Davis-Stockman is coming here now, and after we leave this place we'll pick up Chris Jones and then go up to Bremerton. Everyone is sort of "home for the holidays" so it calls for a gathering of friends. Today my father Douglas Lewis gave me a memory card for my camera that has much more capacity and so I took some pictures today to "try it out." Of course it works, i just have 850 chances to take the perfect shot. These memory cards are getting tooooo huge?!!?? Yes they are. Well I think Adam is here and Dad is getting some tea ready for us!!!! Happy December 25th -TYLER TYLER TYLER TYELR TYLER LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE STOP


Sunday, December 25, 2005


Thanks for always reading everyone. I know that I been as up to date as some of you may desire, but I just don't think pointless rambling is a quality I want in my blog! hahahaehahehahklea. Im' just posting to put up this cool poster of a civil war christmas, and say thanks for another year of experiences. I'm actually at work right now, so it feels weird to be here "working" on christmas eve. For as long as I can remember, christmas eve was just hanging around house with my two brothers and parents. In the evening we would get all dressed up and have mom comb our hair. Then we would go attend the christmas eve service at church, seeing our friends made the next morning even more anticipated. "What's your mom and dad getting you?" I couldn't believe how many kids already knew what their parents were giving to them. ANyways, this christmas I'm just excited to have a great time with my family and relax with some tunes. I'm bringing my guitar because my mom asked me to. ANDY will be getting some fun things from me as well. WHATHJ!?!?!?!?! CHRISTMAS -tyler

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Well tonight I did something that I've never really done before. Kazu and I for some reason or another had the idea a few nights ago that it would be great to find some old alleys and paint them with images that have not yet graced the city. I'll be honest, we got some spray paint and went around the back roads of the neighborhood and defaced property!!! but what is property anyway?!?! I'll tell you that some properties are just perfect as canvases!!!! I better go, I don't want the cops to read this. MATANE -tyler tyler tyler

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

explore with your eyes

well, I haven't had the chance to really post some photographs, so my computer art will have to do. I'm sitting at "fuel" coffee, a place that my good friend and soon to be housemate adam works. Last night we actually came up here, right next door to see a play entitled, "wonder full life." It was pretty nice, the script was written from extensive interviews that the playgroup gathered over some months or something. I woke up early today and wrote a song and then recorded it in about 2 hours. that felt pretty amazing, somehow I was inspired enough to complete all the lyrics, the arrangement, and even record multiple tracks to achieve full sonic respect. WHAT ARE YOu DOING??!?! love, tyler don't buy any christmas gifts! hahahhah

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Alright, the wintertime has wisked us all into that "CHRISTMAS SPIRIT" . . . . yeah right. It's just cold and everyday I'm fighting the urge to turn on the heater, as HEAT costs MONEYYYY. And I want to save as much money as possible, now especially. My good friends Chris, Adam, and myself are trying to find a house that we can share rent in and live like humans are supposed to live; without boundaries and with complete freedom to do whatever we please!!!! Personally, I hope that living in a house will encourage my musical creation, and also motivate me to take on new challenges such as making my own wine!!!! Of course we want to grow a beautiful garden and have a pillow room, but those will come in time. This decision to move out of our apartment does put a mild damper on my wanting to head back to schooling, but I think that with the life expectancy at the age it is now, I have plenty of time to learn more japanese, and besides I should just start reading my japanese books that I have from my college courses in the subject. I really want to go back to japan now, but honestly I think If I want to go again, it should be for work or school, Party time just wouldn't have the same effect a second time. much love to everyone reading, hopefully I can keep this up again. SYONARA