Wednesday, August 13, 2008


In a couple of weeks I'm heading out as far west as possible in the continental US! Cape Alava is the destination, right next to Lake Ozette in the Olympic National Park. I'm really excited to get out there and be in it all for a few dayS!!! Here are some photos of what it should look like, I really hope the weather is awesome but even if it rains or clouds or whateverrrrrrr I'm sure it'll be fantastic.


Blogger 705 said...

will you take me there on Sep? hey, i could not get ticket on 12th, it will be around 16 or so. i will let you know soon, after i argue with my SVs... kidding, just i beg them!!! hahahaha!

8:11 PM  
Blogger "On Your Left!" said...

The first time I went on this hike was in 1973...that's a long time ago...I think there were glaciers then. I do remember the boards were fun walking on but they ran 'long' for like 10 feet and you'd bounce walking them making it a fun hike.

8:06 AM  

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