Monday, April 30, 2007

please find me a home

well these days are getting nicer on the outside, busier on the workside, and i'm tired from having to wake up early every morning. it's not too bad, i've learned to live like "older" people and make sure I'm in bed by about 1030 or 1100. Danny and I have been snooping around for house to rent. We've found a couple interesting ones but it's hard to just go for it i suppose. We need a place to play music and not worry about disturbing people. I hate having to think "oh it might be too loud". In a just world I wouldn't have to even give a damn because everything would be based around making music. Unfortunately for me that is not the case. We must abide by the pigs' rules. Tonight i made a pizza, bututttttt i forgot to photograph it i guess, so no photo, sorry. it was great though, just a classic margherita style pie. tomato basil, mozzarella and garlic. very tastytyty. here are some semi-random shots I took over the last couple weeks. SEe you tomorrow! -tyler

Sunday, April 15, 2007

t h e n e w d e a l

Hello again. I apologize for the long span of time between this post and the last. I suppose that I've been busy but not for any good reasons. I've just been working 5 days a week and then chilling out at home making music on my computer. speaking of which, I'm typing and posting this blog on my "old" computer. I just bought a new sony laptop a couple weeks ago and I'm using it for recording and music beezzzwaxx. It wasn't the smoothest of transitions, however, Windows Vista makes everything a pain. Eventually i just put windows Xp on there also so I just use that for music. But it's exactly what I needed, power, speed and sleek beauty. Spring time is looking good around here, and it's staying light out well into the evening. I hope to get on with some shows already, but I am just so damn slow. Recently I acquired a couple of childrens' toys. One of which my friend bill and I took apart and circuit bent. Now it sounds so mean. here's some photos of the "musini" and wonderful "play a tune" the bells sound really amazing on it. I want to buy a car but definitely don't want to pay for the gas. any way to cheaply transform a regular motor into a biodiesel motor? or is that only done on diesel engines.? anyway, I cut my hair last week, here's me warming up by the fire (??) peace to all of you peaceful people.... =tyler ytle ylrety lejkjljlsai