Monday, January 29, 2007

do not throw things across the classroom please....

I am now a preschool teacher and it is more fun and excitement than I ever expected. Last Tuesday I began working for a place called 'kindercare' in Gig Harbor. I'm a full time employee and yet again I can pay taxes! yes!! It's definitely great for me though, I had a few debts ballooning and I also am pretty keen on the idea of purchasing a used, mid-80's, toyota wagon or a volvo or something cheap and manual. Anybody have anything you'd like to get rid of? prefferably in working order already of course. I was also thinking about riding a motorcycle but you don't have as many options in or on a motorcycle.
Music is going nicely, I just recorded another song on my laptop and put it on the KIDSONBIKES website. so please go listen and relax to the music. if you want to. Russ, Danny, and myself have been spending late nights recording track after track of sonic love. After we do some mixing on those songs I'm sure there will be a spot for people to listen. Well, I really should be getting to bed because I have a early day tomorrow (8 30 am!) and I want to have rested enough to run around with little poopy pants and sally. love you all! -tyler

Monday, January 22, 2007

therapy!!!!! therapy for me!!

I'm pledging to myself that I'll try my best to keep this blog updated weekly. I know that doesn't seem so difficult to do, but i think that when I'm at home posting feels so forced, like I'm just grabbing anything to post about (just like the media!). I should be getting word about a job I applied for recently. They want me to come work with them and I would be able to act like a child and have naptime!!! can you guess what I might be doing?!
Lately Danny, Russ, and myself have been making beautiful music. last night we pulled an all-night recording session and finished a really great song. you can hear them soon I'm sure. we might even get one of those spaces on the internet. Oh, i also put a new song up at
For those of you that haven't been fortunate to have winter weather, we finally had some really nice snow around Olalla! check out the pictures of the ridiculous snowman we made. I hope all is well in your world. Hi naoko!! see?! I posted a blog and I'm going to keep it up! love, , , , TYLER