Saturday, December 23, 2006

kurisumasu taimu

Well, Naoko has been around olalla for a week or so. We've had the lovely experience of no electricity for about one week as well. A tree fell on the house, greenhouse was destroyed, etc. Went to ellensburg, people brought us breakfast. I like living without any power, the fire becomes a stronghold in daily life. Fires are warm and comfortable. Now we have electricity and a tree. The lights are being put on it right now. Woody is calm. Mom is confused. Dad is untangling. Naoko is washing? something. I just want to keep making music with Danny and Russ right now. Perhaps later on tonight we'll be able to creatttteeeee something. It's going well but I just want to play every day day day dya ;. goodbye

Friday, December 01, 2006

Back in the Northwest again

It's wonderfully cold around here but I'm really glad to have clean air and intimidating trees all around. I will miss people around tokyo for the time being but send me an email, yeha!? =-tyler here is my airport pick up team.