Thursday, October 25, 2007

orson the dog that toots

here we are, adam and danny, some music, danny and I (with sam perkins), the storm, the sunset, josh's baby face, and others. Tonight we have alligators practice, friday is kids on bikes practice. So much music is keeping me going!!! it's great. I think before practice we're all going to a place called "phatti pita" for some goodness. enjoy the photos. -tyler

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I've fallen from Japan and landed.

I'm in Port Orchard, WA. and it's raining. Today is covered by a dark gray, plenty of rain, and chilling wind. I'm sitting at my kitchen table with males all around me eating teriyaki food and chattering about nonsense. I will go to my room, put on a sweater, and then we'll be playing music together. We are alligators. We will play a show in seattle on November the 2nd. Please enjoy these photos documenting my last few moments in Japan. I miss that place. What a freaky fun place. The couple photos taken of leaf-like things and firey tree is in Olalla at my parents' house. Fall smells good but smells so cold. =tyler

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

back in the usa where i was born

well, , , after a long flight I didn't sleep on, I finally went to sleep last night at about 1 am, and then woke at 6 30 this evening! that's too much sleep I'm pretty sure, but I know I needed it. I just hope now I can adjust to the time zone I'm in with speed and grace.
So, change is inevitable, I just hope that change is for the good. let's change into good things! ambition, motivation, heart, passion, fate, decision, want, desire, capability, talent, fear! here are some beautiful pictures of some very beautiful people. listen to matthew herbert! -tyler

Monday, October 08, 2007

はいはい  バイバイ

well, it happens again. I must return to `reality` and go back to `work.` I`m happy to have had a great time again in Japan and can`t wait to see friends and family again in lovely washington. And my parents just might have a new house by now! amazing. I`m sure I will see some of you very shortly. Please beware, I`m carrying way too much motivation with me so I might seem a bit ambitious when I come home. later ^tyelr yelry elryle yrleyiraweri

Saturday, October 06, 2007

you better act your age

one two one one one one three, today some folks will be coming to Naoko`s apartment for a vegetarian sushi eat and good times talk. Last night was shinjuku night for Aki and myself and guess what we found? yet another belgian beer bar. I think I have a belgian beer drinking problem because it`s soooo good but so strong too. Oh well, I`m only in Japan so often right? yes. Oh yes, here is proof that I`m in tokyo, rubbing against its gritty inhabitant scum day in and day out. I am going to return to washington on monday, pretty nuts. see you all then and see you all later. Naoko just got back from work about 2 hours ago. I guess I can give you the info., , ,, It`s about 1 pm, Naoko got home at 11 am from working a 18 hour night shift. crazy! They have her working at the front desk of their apartment hotel thing from 4 pm yesterday until 10 this morning. Slave drivers. Anyway, she just had a quick 2 hour nap and should be ready to go to the market with me to buy some rice, carrots, tofu, cucumber, avocado, ginger, ETCETERA! love, tyler

Friday, October 05, 2007

peanut butter on an apple slice

mmm, naoko just gave me a piece of apple with peanut butter on it, it was taste.
Today is hot again! This constant change in weather can`t be good for the inner harmonies of our bodies.
I think Naoko and I will go shopping to our party tomorrow night. She has to go to work later this afternoon but we can make it to the grocery store in no time. Or, as it says on the trains` reader board inside the train, `now time: 2:45` or whatever. I took some video yesterday and thought about posting it on the blog but it just wasn`t entertaining at all. So, today I will try and make some crazy video I promise. I just need to find my motivation or something. check out these stupid photos!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

what is your inspiration?

Today was a fun day. I hung around the apartment for awhile this morning when naoko was working hard in roppongi. Then I went to the grocery store to get some ganmo (special fried tofu) to make some salad for lunch. I talked with aki on the phone and met him around 4 pm to have an interview for a website he`s creating. It should be really exciting when he posts it on his web blog. He was with naoko and I for a while and then we parted ways as he went home and Naoko and I dined at a place called `yanya`. It was alright I suppose, the curry I ordered made my face sweat and it felt really good! These photos are kinda random, I haven`t been consistently taking photos because it`s tooooo comfortable to go somewhere with only myself and pants and shirt and shoes and wallet. freeeeeedommm!!!! enjoy. -tyler

Japan is great but I feel totally inferior because I cannot speack japanese very well. Life in Japan is a life of silence. sometimes.