Wednesday, September 28, 2005

kept falling falling asleep

Today is tuesday, wonderful tuesday and I find myself in the apartment home of my grand friend Kazuomi Ohta. Kazu is eating an apple and Chris and I are having fun playing around and looking at kazu's homework. Earlier today Chris and I polished off a bag of tortilla chips and salsa and then came over here to spread out and relax. Tonight I may be meeting up with my friend Ryu and we'll go to a bar and drink for about 1 dollar per beer! amazing. My adjustment back into this culture in seattle has been strange, I went through some interesting mood swings if you can believe it and felt really uncertain about nearly everything for a spell. I am talking to my good friend maki on the internet right now and it is kinda funny ! here are some pictures to be excited about and you can see we are in good spirits here in seattle these days. thanks to everyone for life!!!! ganbatte kudasai!!!!! itsumoaooaoaoaoaoaooaoaoaoa -tyl er

Saturday, September 24, 2005


I am back in the beautiful city of seattle after what was the most far away experience I've had in my life. I love japan! and I love many Japanese! Right now I have the strangest feeling of absence from both places, like I'm not really home yet and everything is unfinished. I think one of the main reasons, although a bit lame, is that I have basically no money now that I have spent too much in Japan, but I think that was a bit unavoidable. Thanks again to you Naoko, for helping me out when we couldn't find any of those blasted international atm machines. this is the first blog I'm doing in seattle so I'll just put up some funny photos from my journey to Nippon. enjoy more later! here is a photo of kazu with his new harley davidson motorcycle!!!!