Wednesday, March 26, 2008

cycle cycle, it'w always a cycle on my bicycle

I've been riding my bicycle a lot these days. it feels very nice and now I really have something that I must be prepared for..... mt st. helens. I'm planning on riding up around the base of the volcano with my dad and then we'll coast down the other side at top speeds!!!! I want to get some kind of wind suit to wear (so i don't get cold, but it would also look "badass"). I think it's going to be something like 85 miles long, but that should be very fun fun fun. Yesterday I completed a painting, have a look here if you like. I don't have an idea of my intentions with the painting, just wanted to try something, I bought some paints and equipment yesterday and needed to figure out how to use them all. pERHAPS I'll paint another today or sometime soon, but I have some musical obligations to tend to. check it, yolooooooooo -tyle

Monday, March 24, 2008

spirit - how long?

talk talk's "spirit of eden" is an amazing album of music!
If you haven't listened to it before, I definitely recommend checking it out sometime. It's purely divine sound.

Today was quite nice, it was Easter Sunday and I spent it waking up a little late and going to work at the bistro to serve all of two customers, one of whom is an employee and the other was her husband. Then I was picked up by my father and we went to have "supper" with a large gathering of family and friends. Later, after arriving home for some time, Brad, Danny, Alycia, Kit, Chris, and myself went up to olympic coffee for their sunday night open mic get-together. It wasn't much though, no one signed up at all tonight. Now we're back here and I'm next to brad; we're both traveling around on our computers and searching for something on the world wide web. out!