Monday, February 25, 2008

kyou no asa wa totemo yukkuri ne

well here I am, sitting in the kitchen, everyone that's here is still asleep, I just had a piece of toast and am drinking green tea. I think I'll heat some more water now for a second brew))) Oh the tea kettle is making a squeak about something. better go check it out. and it's fine of course.
Well, last night Bradley came over and we all hanged out in the kitchen for quite some time typing on typewriters and laughing and goofing, then finally went to sleep after some music playing..... I rode a bike a lot yesterday, up the hills down the hill, around the bend, over the dead cats, through the trees, above the clouds, etc. ....

Today I think kit went to the mountains with some girlfriends and they are going to be skiing. sounds pretty fun, but I am here today so I should get on my bike again and go nuts! this is all sounds like nothing boring pointless schwag of the medieval dungeon spit ball ramshackle cave of a truthless wandering vase of empty. ok here are some unconnected photos that will please the eye for about 2 seconds. goodbye. I want to go to the city today!!!! maybe I'll get my bike there via ferry and then bike the city. anywayyywaywyaywyay forget it....

Saturday, February 02, 2008

only about 35 minutes.

tonight and today were spent working on things. the memory nearest to the front of my mind would be the playing of the music. that time when 'point in time' goes out the window and we all just synchronize and flow. sharing loves and sipping on berry juice - i just can't tell what type this is. I think it might be cabernet sauvignon, \but could just as well be some kind of merlot or syrah. montopulciano? possibly. probably not thought.

six thousand one hundred and twenty. I'm not sure sucks that we have to do that though. ?Nothing prevails and takes ther situation. words words words wrods wqrodso wrowe sd. hre's a poem-

awake with the sunshine asleep in the night time,
moping in daylight, lounging in the evening.
tucked into inside while scathing the outside.
courteous and the friendly, the day trail never ending.

restless ideas buzz in your control tower - just what you want.
of dreams that will satisfy that which you fought for.
risk a lame old leg, an arm, or three wrists,
barge through the long lines, fumes always with.

no winning circle to keep the sad ones out of,
no circles at all for the ones out of love!
mind set in hindsight to struggle through mazes,
blind on the left right and blind to all crazies.

but worry not, for the fear of long days' travels,
and think more of thwarting the fakes as unravels.
sitting alone, letting out moan, wishing for a roam.
this mundane routine begging new beginnings.