Friday, September 28, 2007

its a buffet, and its only ¥850!

Well it`s humid again today. the weather is definitely in a time of transition, but really I just wish it could stay cool and breezy like yesterday. Oh well. I managed to get back to a restaurant in a town called Kinshichou yesterday. It was `Its Vegetable` and it was really good taiwanese vegan food. Tonight I`m going to meet Aki and maybe Noriko also at an awesome belgian beer bar in Shibuya. It should be tasty, but before that I`m going to spend some time in Inokashira Park located in Kichijoji. Here are some snapshots of recent things. peace!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

a sense of wonder

a sense of wonder. Naoko and I rode the train to Ito on Friday afternoon, spent the night at her parents` house and then the next day we went to visit her grandparents. party people, let me tell you! Then after a mega feast at the Ishii residence we went to bed and woke up so early to get to the music festival about 3 hours north. It was great, takagi masakatsu is a genius and OOIOO rocked, duuuude. then we came back and we are here in lovely kouenji again. Enjoy the photos. ^tyelr

Thursday, September 20, 2007

p h o t o

here you go. everything is fine. I:m fine.

there you have it

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

japan again, feels like home #2

Well it`s 1 in the afternoon here and I think today naoko and I are going to end up visiting Maki tonight, that should be really fun! She is always full of happiness or sadness, one of the two. So it`s always exciting! I think that we`ll ride the train today or something and go somewhere, I dont` have much to say except that Naoko and I are doing well !!! shes so happy and we`ve just eaten some nashi and nectarine for breakfast with some tea. perfect!! pictures coming soon as well yes..^tyelr

Sunday, September 16, 2007

NIPPON again

I'm off to my parents house this morning, they'll be giving me a ride to sea-tac airport to drift off to tokyo for a while. I'm so excited to visit with naoko!!! I hope to share many photos of my journey on this blogggggg so look out! -tyler

tanoshi tanoshi!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

okkyung lee

this music is really interesting. I especially like the track "regrettable ...." The voice speaking never quite gets anywhere, just a lot of almost saying something. it's hilarious.

Well I just have a few days left here in port orchard and then I'll be heading off to Tokyo, Japan for another wonderful stay with naoko and her charms. I'm very happy to eat some real mushrooms again like enoki, shimeij, and good shiitakes. yes. I won't be worried about making any kind of money while I'm there this time, for I am only staying about 3.5 weeks and just wish to relax and enjoy everyone's company. here are some photos of recent events. Oh yeah! the beer is done, and it's qUITE good actually, believe it or not we actually made beer! real beer! -tyler