Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Busy bees

Chris, Adam, Naoko, and I are all moved into our new apartment in Capitol Hill. It's a spacious apartment, you just wouldn't know it by all of the surplus lying around all over the place. I think maybe in 1 week it will be all put away and hidden, just waiting to be moved again in a year or two. I'm really happy with the bedroom I'm in right now, the morning light of sunrise is a very pleasant way to wake up. The kitchen is slightly difficult but I think we'll become used to it. I rode my bike over to fuel coffee this morning (the cafe that adam works at) and I'm sitting with brad and chris while we use the internet service. ehehia that's too urban normal boring for me, I gotta quit it. But, I enjoy putting up some photos and letting people know what's going on so I suppose I will continue to do this. Last night Naoko and I made some Japanese dessert. It was basically a soy flour that you mix with water to make the dough. Then roll it into tiny little balls and boil them for about 1 minute. They are sooooo chewy! It was perfect with the green tea ice cream we got. mmm Oh, I didn't really plan on this, but yesterday I rode my bicycle all the way to alki beach from our apartment. It was really fun, but my hands felt like they were on fire, it was so colddddd. Here are some pictures I took along the way. Adios! love tyler tyler

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Moving again?!

It's the last day of january and tomorrow Chris, Adam, Naoko, and I will be moving into a beautiful apartmen in capitol hill. I'm sitting in Caffe Ladro right now and Senor Francisco Pena is eating a beautiful piece of quiche behind my computer and Naoko is talking about how I've put her to work while she's visiting Seattle. Of course, that is only about 23% true. We've been having a nice time going to see different people and eat too much food! Naoko keeps voicing her disgust for additional pounds. This morning I went to a job interview at the Macrina Bakery and Cafe located in downtown Seattle. I have a couple of friends working there currently - Chelsea and Jack. It would be amazing to work there! Hopefully I'll get the job and then I would be able to have a GREAT bike commute to work. all downhill, and then maybe a different route home. It's funny but I've thought about that a lot, how the trip to and from work would be awesome. Anyways, it's great having Naoko around this time of the year, warmth is nice when it's cold all the time. hhee heaahahe. I had a good time the other night with Lydia Schilling!!!! Danny and Mother Lewis also came and joined Naoko and myself for dinner at the Sunlight cafe in Roosevelt. tastes! Here are some pictures, hope to say hello again soon! Who is out there ? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!