Sunday, January 15, 2006

an internet connection, all of a sudden

Hello again friends and family. It's a peaceful saturday evening in Queen Anne tonight. Today I made a trip by myself down to the pike place market and found some interesting things. A couple nice little packs of incense and a boat to go with it. I met up with Chris and Brad at a small coffee joint near the market and we talked about what's going on!! What is going on, you ask? You tell me, there is soooo much going on everywhere. I then proceeded to purchase some mandolin strings at a folk instrument store. They had so many different instruments! I think someday I'd like to collect various percussion instruments, whistles, noisemakers, etc. It would be great for recording. Whatever seemed to fit I could just press record and throw in a track of a buzzing sound or jew harp or whatever! I got some grapefruit and grapes and cilantro, then we walked back here and made a nice fruit salad and some toast. Energizing meal!!! Now I'm thinking about cleaning the bathroom for some fun. Well, it probably won't be so fun, it just needs to happen. In other news, I'm veryyy excited about this coming week because Naoko will be arriving on monday from japan. It will be great to hear how she's been doing with her college "career" coming to an end and what she thinks about all of that turning into a full time job. Anyway, it will be great to see her and be with her for about a month again. Also, we're moving to capitol hill at the end of the month. Adam, Chris, and I that is. I think the three of us living together will be a step in the right direction, we're all quite creative people and it'll be interesting and hopefully inspiring to put our minds together. Here are some random pictures, adam is the person with the small atama (head). LOVE TYLER