Monday, November 26, 2007


here are some photos from november. thanksgiving was this past thursday and it was really nice. wonderful food! so many funny scenes. alligators is playing many shows. kids on bikes is getting really close to complete perfection. peace

Monday, November 05, 2007

Paint on everyone's face!

My friends Alison and Jeremy had a halloween party at their house last wednesday. It was a grand ol' time and everyone was looking crazy. Danny was an 'explorer adventurer that got shot' and I was a woman, sorry i don't have any photos of myself this time. Chris was raggedy Andy and kit was "an asshole." Great costume kit, didn't even have to dress up. Oh yes, Adam was a mystic of some kind. sweet hat adam! Samantha was dead, josh and danielle were a werewolf and little red riding hood respectively. Halloween was fun, now back to this normal, everyday costume. There is a photo down there of danny working the keys and computer, and the space we love to play music in. Isn't it lovely!? tyler!