Friday, October 14, 2005

sorry!!!! long time no post

Well tonight brought me up to capitol hill to visit Mr Chris Jones at top pot doughnuts and coffee. I am sitting next to my friend Adam Davis-Stockman and we have been in here for a while now. Actually as I type this I am simultaneously helping kazu with some grammar corrections over the internet, sending messages back and forth. I have been working at the wonderful (wonderful?) UPS Store quite a bit more lately and really don't have too much time for fooling around or staying up late since I open up the store 3 out of the 5 weekdays and every other saturday. I am trying a new routine of just staying at home more than usual in order to sway myself away from spending money because I really need to save some in the bank for things like language school next year and paying for my airline ticket!!!! Life is fun but this season is slow and plagued with work life. but no problem, I think it is good sometimes to give so much of your time to something in order to have great outcomes.
Kazu has recently really joined forces with Danny and I, walking down to our practice studio and working on new music. It's going pretty well and I think more than anything Kazu is just happy to be playing music again and making good sounds! I really hope we can go somewhere with it other than just down to elliott avenue, but that takes some time to practice and then of course there is the transportation issue, easily resolved but the van not easily repaired . I hope to have some photos to upload next post, and when I get my next paycheck I plan to get the film from photos I took in Japan processed for all to see! Love you all and love you dream -tyler claudia!