Sunday, July 29, 2007

wellllllllll enchant us!!!

well, everyone was going to bed, these are the best pre-hiking photos i could get tonight. enjoy!!!!!! -tyler

Thursday, July 26, 2007

train and train and training, getting excited......

Today I got off from work and thought it would be best if I exercised a lot. so, I walked from my house in a big loop that took me about 2 hours and 6 miles or so. It was really nice actually. After I returned I met up with kit here and we decided to ride some bicycles up to the store and get some things. I got a nice flashlight and then we purchased some things at the grocery store. Here is what my room looks like now. I'm going hiking this weekend, that's why I decided to go on long walks and try and get myself ready for journeying long distances. We're actually leaving on sunday, so I'll be back on wednesday night? something like that. anyways, it's going to be really fun.... I'm so excited to head into the backcountry. here is negative tyler. l . . . . .

Sunday, July 15, 2007

and listen to this

something something

Well hello there, I'm awake now. I've been taking a nap almost everyday when I arrive home from work. waking up at 5 30 every morning for work is lame after a while and napping becomes a necessary part of my routine. Last night I woke up at about 9 30 pm and decided that I should make half of my hair lighter. this is what that looks like. Music is going greatly, kids on bikes even has practices with real friendly people these days too! I can't be more excited about that.
Oh yes, at the end of this month I'll be heading into the olympic mountains for some backpacking, I'll be gone for 4 days. Any suggestions as to what I should take? I'm quite aware of the essentials, tent, sleeping bag, water bottle, extra socks, bear thingy, etc. I"m looking for something interesting that I wouldn't normally think to bring into the mountains, ideas pour in!!! lovely, =tyler . . p.s. Hi naoko!

Friday, July 06, 2007


if you'd like to hear some new music, go to this address . . . .

kids on bikes


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

tomorrow we can watch money explode

Hello. I'm sitting on the ground at my computer and I can see the silhouette of the wonderful Olympic Mountains on the horizon. Kit and I have been talking lately about going on a trip there soon. We really want to take a 20-30 mile hike and camp overnight and stuff like that. I got a backpack for hiking at the church rummage sale and as soon as I put it on I wanted to be on a trail hanging out with all the spirits. Hopefully we can each work out a nice 4-day chunk of time during which we won't work and can vamoooose. Oh yeah, I played some music at Kit's work last week and it was really strange. It's a restaurant and they were having some kind of blue moon beer promotion, so I just provided some background music from the upstairs section. Nobody watched; it was great. Today I walked downtown and had a greek breakfast gyro, then I watched the "reptile man" put on a show for a bunch of kids at the park. He was showing off all of his snakes and tortoises to the stupid kids. sorry but kids are stupid. I'm not saying that I don't like them, I love kids, I was a kid, I was stupid, but they are sooooo cliche and boring sometimes. It's just kinda funny to me. anyway, then I saw a dog with a bag of shit tied around it's collar while it's owner had tied the dog up to a tree while they went inside some shop or something. really funny stuff. I saw danny today and visited with him for a while. If you know what he is going through right now, please be very encouraging to him when you see his face next. He really needs positivity in his life. I must go, I must go. goodnight. love, tyler