Thursday, July 26, 2007

train and train and training, getting excited......

Today I got off from work and thought it would be best if I exercised a lot. so, I walked from my house in a big loop that took me about 2 hours and 6 miles or so. It was really nice actually. After I returned I met up with kit here and we decided to ride some bicycles up to the store and get some things. I got a nice flashlight and then we purchased some things at the grocery store. Here is what my room looks like now. I'm going hiking this weekend, that's why I decided to go on long walks and try and get myself ready for journeying long distances. We're actually leaving on sunday, so I'll be back on wednesday night? something like that. anyways, it's going to be really fun.... I'm so excited to head into the backcountry. here is negative tyler. l . . . . .


Blogger 705 said...

frist picture scare meeeee---
but other 2 pictures are great!
maki is being beautiful! do you still remenber how was she when she was in seattle? can you believe how much difference she is now? AAAANNNNNDDD, your room! hey i didn't know you still keep turkish drums! Do you still play or just decoration? The picture on the wall, looks like chinese lamp hunging out reminds me Tanabata, that is the day July 7th in Japan, which has some romantic story in China. Where did you get that? hey, it's been quite long now, i should email you.

oh, i also updated my blog, just FYI.

hai hai love you---

7:59 PM  

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