Friday, March 02, 2007

I really just want to light a match and burn it all into a pile of plastic and goo

I'm sick of my inferior Laptop "computer" it can't compute no thing. I need something with more brains, less cholesterol, and great vocal chords. this computer is fine for being a "personal computer" but I need something that is high-end music making machinery. Help me out if you know places that might build custom laptops, also you can just say, "get a mac, they're really good for media stuff." that's true I know, i just don't know what I want yet. Earlier this evening I was ready to punch this laptop as hard as possible. I think I hit something, the last time I got really mad like that was at computer games. This shouldn't be happening. I deserve a functioning copmuter. tired of this junkkckkckc. bye


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hunnnnn, computer makes you so mad.... that is soooo sad, but windows have limit for midia, that is not mean mac is perfect. If mac have some problem, it takes time to solve i guess, more than Windows, and i hard mac is easier to be broken. i have no idea about computer as you know, but the best thing is if you could find best music program, and your laptop has enough BRAIN to control it, that would be best. If it doesn't work, get mac!!!!! and ask your friends who are still student! I believe Apple computer store has student discount!!


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Blogger Gene said...

Falcon Northwest makes custom laptops, but they're generally like gaming rigs. You can check it out, they might have some pimped out audiophile rigs.

Otherwise it sounds like you just need a newish laptop with good speakers. I dunno nothing about the software side really. I figure u got that down.

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